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We make employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, nationality or ethnic origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or other characteristics protected by law.”

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Our Featured Vacancies

Store Manager

Store Managers are responsible for ensuring their staff give great customer service as well as monitoring the financial performance of the store. Typical responsibilities of the job include; dealing with customer queries and complaints, overseeing pricing and stock control.

Goods Receiving Manager

Goods Receiving managers (GRM), also known as warehouse managers, accept incoming goods from suppliers for warehousing and sale. The GRM must ensure that each item they take in is in good condition and properly accounted for. A good receiving manager is effective at leading a team of Goods Receivers.


Buyers are responsible for purchasing of products after the negotiation of pricing, delivery, and payment terms with vendors, all of which affect the retail profit margin of the products and the individual retail store has been done by the Category Managers. Managing vendor relationships are important to the success of a retail buyer.


A Cashier's primary role is to assist customers in the in-store check-out process. Main duties include scanning products, bagging items, requesting price checks, collecting payment and giving appropriate change in accordance with the Operating Instructions.

Other Store Roles

As we open new stores and expand, we would require new hands to run our operations. Send in resumes for Merchandizers, Goods Receivers, Loss prevention officers, bakery manager, bakery assistants, chefs, service food assistants etc .

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